I promised to keep you informed if any new events were going to be coming up on Well, the OLA sellers are at it again. There is going to be a ONE DAY ONLY SALE on Thursday, June 19th. This sale will be running from 12:01 am Pacific time until Midnight Pacific time. All items will be listed in the Sellers Specials category and will be in the Penny Over format. For those of you who don’t know what the Penny Over format is, it is OLA’s equivalent to a fixed price format auction. The only difference is that the item is listed for one penny less than the actual buying price. For example, something you see listed at $4.99 will actually cost $5.00 and so forth.

The participating sellers have all agreed to list special items at no more than $4.99 (or $5.00). Again, these will all be listed in the Sellers Specials category. You will also find other great bargains in that category that are not part of the sale itself, but still at great prices. The ones that are on special for that day only will have it noted in their titles.

As this is really still in the planning stages, there are “things” to be worked out. As “things” are finalized, there will be updates here and on other blogs. In the meantime, you can sign up to participate in this sale as a seller in the What’s for Sale on OLA forum or just go there to see more information about it. The list of sellers participating is growing literally by the minute, so there is sure to be some wonderful items up for grabs (and I mean GRABS), so be sure to come by that day or even earlier to check out the happenings!!!


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