Open House Sale Winding Down at

Just a reminder!!

The Open House Sale is beginning to wind down. There are many items ending tomorrow, Saturday 8/2/08 with the rest ending on Sunday 8/3/08. If you are still considering taking a gander at the bargains in this sale, now might be the time!! No telling what kind of bidding is going to take place as things near their end times.

There are still a couple thousand great bargains to be had in this sale, along with bargains all over the site that are not involved in the sale!!

If you are looking for something in particular, go to and type Open House into the search, choose your category and click “Search”. It’s that simple. Once in the listings, you can then sort by Auction Type (all Open House Sale items are Classic), ending time or pricing and how many listing to show on a page. It’s really quite simple and a really really nice change that took place with the upgrades.

So, come on over and check everything out!! You won’t be sorry!!

(To see some of the items for sale and a list of the buyers involved, please look down two posts)


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