Mystery Auctions Alive and Well at

I’ve started a new mystery auction at It is another jewelry auction. I know, what about the men? I’m working on that (so far just in my head but….). Anyway, for the ladies or the lady in your life, here is what I have and it can be found here:


From Then and Now and Back Again Jewelry Mystery Auction!!!

From then and now and back again jewelry mystery auction. It will begin with a then AND now jewelry set in black with two tone metal. Very elegant. That is all I can say. For every $3.00 increase in bids, a piece from THEN or a piece from NOW will be added. There is no minimum; there is no maximum. There is no telling what you might find. There will be vintage, not so vintage, new, chic, elegant and who knows what else in this mystery auction. All I can say for sure is you won’t be sorry or disappointed in what you receive.

As is the norm, you are bidding on the necklace and earring set described. Any other surprises you find in the package are my gifts to you.


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