The First Live ola-radio Show For

The first live radio show for has just ended. And what a wonderful show it was!! Appropriately, Chris Fain was the guest of the evening.  He discussed the current upgrades and some of what is coming up for upgrades such as the Penny Over going to Fixed Price format. He re-emphasized the Founding Membership fee not increasing for life, discussed some of the new search options and more. To hear all of what was discussed, go to and listen to the iTunes archive. This will not be available until probably sometime tomorrow, so if you can’t find it, check back.

Dave and Sparky were in their own true forms as is the norm. Gotta love those guys!!! They love to play and have fun, but still manage to take care of the business at hand and get the information they are seeking from their guests. Scott Pooler joined in in the chat room and had his own questions for Chris, which were also promptly answered. Scott always knows what to ask and how to ask it. YAY Scott!!! According to Dave and Sparky, there were over 220 live listeners, which is certainly not a bad number for a debut internet show. There were maybe 15 or so users (including moi) on the live chats to ask questions, make comments and chit chat. It was both informative and a lot of fun. Hope to see even more next week and the week after that and…..

If you would care to check out the “new” OLA, please come on over to and take a look-see. If you would like to join next week’s ola-radio show (Thursday evening 9E, 8C, 7M and 6P times), just come on over here: at the appropriate time in your time zone. We’d love to see you there.


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