More Upgrades at

The upgrades just keep coming, and is getting better and better almost daily!!! All previously Penny Over auctions are now Fixed Price listings. That means Google Search is now in place!!! WooHoo!!! And we, the sellers, didn’t have to do a thing either. The system changed all our previous Penny Overs to Fixed Price by adding the penny in. There are literally millions of items in Fixed Price that were Penny Over. So this was a monumental task for the computers and their techs. This was, amazingly, done without a glitch to the site other than not being able to list or sell a Penny Over/Fixed Price listing for a little while. There have been no glitches that I have been able to detect, and I have both bought and sold since this wonderful event took place earlier today.

There have been other upgrades that mostly affect the sellers at this point. Some of these are being able to bulk turn on the relist feature without having to do it for each individual auction. You CAN still do that when you list, but if you don’t click the relist and then later decide to, you can do it right from the Auction Manager now instead of using the edit feature. There is also now the ability to change quantity of an auction right in the Auction Manager rather than having to go into the edit.  The listing page is now one page rather than three. That’s very helpful!!

Although the Fixed Price versus Penny Over is likely the most important upgrade feature so far, ALL the new features that have been added throughout all the upgrades have made it so much nicer and easier to be a seller at

Categories and invoicing tool are still being worked on, but there is nothing existing that can’t be worked with. The most important upgrades have been done, in my opinion!!


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