The Fun Continues!! I Love Sellers!!

Here we are again! Now for the fifth installment of sellers’ items from


From davendeb1178:

Lot of Stampin Up Rubber Stamps Halloween Theme

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From cornerconcepts:

The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary ASL Richard Tennant HC

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From curiocache:

New Zealand Maori doll with authentic costume

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From Raggy-Lady:

Quilted Baby Bib

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From draggontagger:

Kidz Hair accessories 200 pc. in Bag NEW with Tag Blue Trim

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From neblotti:


To see ALL of neblotti’s listings, please click here:


From faerydae:

OOAK HBJB Halloweenies Pumpkin Folk Commission Art Doll spooky halloween OGLD

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From antiquelittlegirls:

Vintage EMPIRE Jack O’Lantern Scarecrow

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From BeverlyJ:

Authentic Wooden Kachina

To see ALL of beverlyj’s listings, please click here:


From redrock:

Cisco Kid Western Collection – DVD – Gilbert Roland

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From CrystalVisionsByColleen:

PEEBLES 1mm MicroBeads Micro Beads by OOAK FAIRY COUTURE

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From wvamart:

Prelude-Owlcreek Incident-British Folk/Psych-Rare!

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And from jahjesters:

The Original Mighty Putty! As Seen On TV!! 6 Full Sized 4 inch tubes including instructions

To see ALL of jahjesters’ listings, please click here:



6 responses to “The Fun Continues!! I Love Sellers!!

  1. Karen wonderful!

  2. Thanks Raggy Lady!! Glad you enjoy the blog!!

  3. Great Job, Karen!

  4. Wow! My obsession is antiquing. I get up at ungodly hours to get in line first at the openings of the antique shows at Brimfield and elsewhere. I go to estate sales and yard sales wherever I am. Attend every auction within 50 miles of my home and watch every episode of “the roadshow.” I’m even spending my winter vacation this year on this crazy antiquing trip to Europe. The group goes to antiques shows in three countries and hardly stops to play tourist. Check out their website: If it wasn’t for my boyfriend who shares the same affliction I wouldn’t have a life at all. At least we keep the antique collection in one special room (museum) and the rest of the house looks like we actually decorated it. Felicia

  5. I wanted to buy at your site, but why do you people want me to be verified? Also why can’t I see the chats without logging in? I;m starting to get very suspicious about your site.

  6. Doris, you don’t have to be verified to buy there. Buying is free. Verified Buyers are for the high ticket items or bidding over $1,000 a day. Some sellers still don’t understand this either. If you run into an auction that says verified buyers only, just omail the seller and ask if that was really their intent.

    The forums are member forums. You have to be logged in as a member strictly for the purpose of keeping scammers and spammers at bay as much as possible. Nothing sinister.

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