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Better Late Than Never! More Items Available At

Another new and very exciting collection of items from sellers on


From jahjesters:

1979 FORD GRANADA ESS (european sports sedan)

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From davendeb1178:

Lot of 4 STAMPIN UP Rubber Stamps HALLOWEEN Theme

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From antiquelittlegirls:

Miller Beer WOLVES Mirror (GL)

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From theroyaltreasures:


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From who8dmous:

Harley Davidson Ladies Leather Chaps Small

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From fleapirates:

Ceramic Santa & Bluebirds Tealight Candle Holder – Large & Adorable!

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From LunaTechChick:

Authentic Cranberry Red kate spade Nylon Sam Handbag Purse!

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From kiltNkaboodle:

Hummel Seasons Of Joy Series – 12th In Series – DECEMBER Collectors Plate

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From jhr56:


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From MNAZ419:


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From MarkysTreasures:


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From DebandRicksStore:

Large Asian Moriage Decorative Egg 5 Oriental Women in a Boat

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And from ebayandbeyond:

Vibrant Tye Dyed Indian Tunic Top NWT Size Large

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Another Set of Wonderful Items From Sellers

More great items from more great sellers on sellers:


From beads2string:

Pink Zebra Jasper 24×29 Faceted Flat Oval …. 1 Full Strand

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From desiderata:

When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple (1991) HB w/ DJ

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From gemini749:


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From victorious_rival:

Hand Painted Alaska Gold Pan Log Cabin by G Provenzano

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From houseofglass:

1995 Campbell Kids Dolls Complete with Carrying Case

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From sparklz:

PLATINUM BARBIE Bob Mackie 1991 ~ ~ MIB

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From timeklek:

Movie-Star Postcard * SHIRLEY TEMPLE 1936

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From enoch2ooo:

Hot Wheels 2005 5th Nationals 67 Dodge Charger Dinner Car

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From ant-toys:

1926 LION Building Letterhead NY Hoffman Corr Mfg

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From hootch2:

2 Excellent Beatles Magazines

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From timberlineltd:

Western Mustang Horses Tapestry Faux Leather Fringed Pillow

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From lastcenturyjunk:

Mr Peanut Red Salt & Pepper Shakers c 1950s

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And from abckidsoutfitters:

GYMBOREE Tiny Pond 2 Pc Outfit Set 12-18 Mos. New

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The Rummage Sale is over!!

The Rummage Sale is over and what a huge success it was!!! With an approximate sell-thru rate between 27 and 30%, the sellers on are certainly not complaining. Many sellers saw new buyers making purchases, which is absolutely wonderful!!! And many sellers, including myself, saw a lot more traffic in their listings and houses and sold many items that were not listed in the Sale. Some of these buyers have become regular customers for some of us, and for that, we thank them sincerely!!

The sellers on owe a debt of gratitude first to each other for making this such a success. Without the listing of great items and the tireless efforts to promote this Sale by the sellers, it could not have been the success it was! Then there are the buyers! Thanks to each and every one of you who came to our wonderful site to check out the Rummage Sale. We sincerely hope you enjoyed your visits and come back soon. We could not have done this without you!!

A most special and sincere Thank You goes out to Mr. Chris Fain, CEO and founder of The donation of the two Dell Inspiron Laptop computers was WAY above and beyond the call of duty!!! We thank you for supplying those and especially for donating the proceeds to St. Judes Hospitals for Children. The computers raised almost $1,100.00 for a very, very worthy cause. So Thanks Again, Mr. Fain!!

Another most sincere and heartfelt Thank You goes out to the crew of Dave and Sparky not only helped promote the Sale in the way that only they can, they also had me on a few times to promote this Sale and to give results. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself, but it was a great way to promote So Thank You guys!!!

I must personally thank Scott Pooler, of so many businesses I can’t name them all!! I had never blogged before his suggestion to do so. I then needed him to hold my hand to get this going!! He did so willingly and happily!! He also helped to promote the Sale while on the radio with Dave and Sparky!! He continues to help me when I need it. And I so appreciate it. Thank you Scott!!

And last, but certainly not least, Thank You to the staff. In particular, I would like to thank Renee!! She was there at every single turn to help us with anything we needed to make this Sale happen!! Renee, honey, we could not have done it without you!!!

So what’s in store now?  Well, nothing, at least temporarily as far as Special Sales go. is going to be going through an overhaul!! There are many changes in store for the site, and any new sales will most likely be after these changes take place. I don’t have all the details, therefore, I cannot elaborate too much. But I do know there is going to be a whole new look, new tiered categories for easier listing and searching and the Penny Over style auction will actually be going to a Fixed Price format. Those are the changes that I am aware and sure of.  These changes are likely to start taking place late June/early July, so another Sale on the scale of the Rummage Sale would not be wise to attempt. However, we WILL be back with more sales as soon as possible that you will just not be able to resist.

Don’t let the lack of “Special” sales keep you from coming by and checking out Many of the sellers, myself included, continue to list items for 99 cents and continue to have their own “specials”. Check out the Sellers Specials category and sellers’ individual houses and listings to see what else we all have in store for you!!

What’s next for the blog you ask? I am hoping to get quotes from members in regards to why they came to OLA and what keeps them there. I think that will give others some insight into what this auction site is all about. Please come back soon to see what my fellow sellers and buyers are saying!!