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WOW!! Just WOW!! More Items From

A new and very exciting collection of items from sellers on


From oldturtleheart:

BonJour French Press 32 oz Coffee Maker

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From abigmixedbag:

Michael Kors Trendy Black Leather Mens Classic Style Belt Sz 40 NWT

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From davendeb1178:

Its a Black Leather Wine Tote Caddy

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From curiocache:

2 not-so-spooky haunted mugs!

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From aesthetics48:

SHURE SR107 2E Audio Equalizer Pro Audio Rackgear USED

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From LFWoodworking:

Elk Resting Solid Oak Hand Scroll Sawn Wall Art Plaque

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From jahjesters:

Carl Brenders – Bradford Exchange Plate – Grounded – WOLVES

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From draggontagger:

Franklin D. Roosevelt Lithograph & Photo Set

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From dizzys_whimsies:

Gary Grigsby’s World at War PC Computer CD-ROM Game NEW NIB

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From bbscorner07:

Mary Kay Timewise skin care moisturizer

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From farmermg:

Ice Fishing 2 Man Ice Shelter- Eastman Outdoors

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From jj39tj:

Handmade Porcelain Clown Doll green white

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And from summerauto:


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From build-a-box:

Fender Stratocaster Blue Paisley Custom Neck, Custom Pickups

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The Fun Continues!! I Love Sellers!!

Here we are again! Now for the fifth installment of sellers’ items from


From davendeb1178:

Lot of Stampin Up Rubber Stamps Halloween Theme

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From cornerconcepts:

The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary ASL Richard Tennant HC

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From curiocache:

New Zealand Maori doll with authentic costume

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From Raggy-Lady:

Quilted Baby Bib

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From draggontagger:

Kidz Hair accessories 200 pc. in Bag NEW with Tag Blue Trim

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From neblotti:


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From faerydae:

OOAK HBJB Halloweenies Pumpkin Folk Commission Art Doll spooky halloween OGLD

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From antiquelittlegirls:

Vintage EMPIRE Jack O’Lantern Scarecrow

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From BeverlyJ:

Authentic Wooden Kachina

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From redrock:

Cisco Kid Western Collection – DVD – Gilbert Roland

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From CrystalVisionsByColleen:

PEEBLES 1mm MicroBeads Micro Beads by OOAK FAIRY COUTURE

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From wvamart:

Prelude-Owlcreek Incident-British Folk/Psych-Rare!

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And from jahjesters:

The Original Mighty Putty! As Seen On TV!! 6 Full Sized 4 inch tubes including instructions

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Even More Sellers’ Items From

Here we are again! Now for the third installment of sellers’ items from


From raggy-lady:

Thanksgiving Dish Towel

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From crochenlady:


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From curiocache:

Leap Frog Animal Art Software

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From goldbee:

Jack Daniel’s Gentlemen’s Playing cards

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From vermonter53:

New England Hand Crafted Arched Roof bird house

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From cruzaiderlane:

1985 Jaguar XJ6

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From metzymom:


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From uneekbouteek:


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From gbluesfamily:

Cute Bicycle Charm

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From justforyou:


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From saffell:

1956 FORD F100 PICKUP #2068

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From davendeb1178:


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And from callmemomo:

Dangle Clear Rhinestone and Silvertone Earrings – NEW

To see ALL of callmemomo’s listings, please click here: now solely sponsored by, the place to play with and learn html is now solely sponsored by  Thanks to Concho and Chris Fain for doing this business together!!! had already been running for quite some time, but Concho had taken it down when the “evil” place (you all know who) decided to stick their noses in as the sponsor and tell Concho what to do and how to do it on his own site. So, instead of dealing with the “evil” place’s (how to say this nicely) “junk”, Concho shut down the site. This was done to the great distress and dismay to those of us who depended on this site for learning html, making templates and perfecting listings before actually listing them.

Now, there are other sites out there, yes, but they are not as easy to use in my opinion. One of the main reasons for that is their windows for writing your listings/templates are just too darn small. uses a really nice big window. You can actually see what you are doing. On top of that, you can also save and retrieve your work later.

So, besides the convenience, what does it mean for OLA? Well, ANYONE on the internet can use to build their listings, make templates, learn html, create web pages or just play!! Now, with the announcement of the sole sponsorship and the OLA logo being at the top of the html box, EVERYONE that uses it will become aware of OLA!! What a great marketing tool for OLA and a great listing/template tool for everyone else. All on one page!!!

We at OLA are very excited about all this.  I even spoke about it on the new radio show last night. I’m not sure where the archive is for that just yet, but I will post it when I get it so you can check it out if you like.

Again, thank you Concho and Chris Fain for a job well done!! The users of are sincerely excited and grateful to have it back again. OLA sponsoring it is just an added bonus for us!!

Some of the Items I Have For Sale on

I have decided to do a shameless plug for my own items listed at in this week’s post. Why? I have a huge selection of various items for sale and thought it was time I tried to do something about it.  I currently have 61 active Classic Auctions running and 397 Fixed Price Listings running. I also have well over 200 items to list. So I guess it was about time I let people know I’m here. LOL Here are just SOME of the items I have:


This is the only Arts & Crafts Mystery Auction on OLA:

A Wonderful 14K Yellow Gold Mother and Child Necklace at an incredible price:

A Beautiful Vintage Silverplated Coffee Pot:

An Amazing Vintage Rhinestone Necklace:

A Beautiful Pair of Vintage Rhinestone Fan Shaped Earrings:







A Wonderful Pair of Decorated Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles. A Must See!!!

AWell, that took up a lot of space. Maybe I will wait on the Fixed Price Listings for a few days and then post some of them. But the above are some of the wonderful items I, and other sellers, have available at You really need to come on over and check us out!! Do not let lower prices scare you off!! This is all quality stuff, but since we don’t pay listing or final value fees, we can afford to lower our prices for our customers.


As promised, here is information on the July Sale that is only a week away. The sellers are gearing up once again for the fun and excitement of another wonderful sale. The sale’s “rules” are as follows:

* Classic auction style. No Reserve. All starting at $4.99 or less,
* No special category
*”Open House Sale” in the title of each listing for quick search.
* Last week of July, (7 days) starting on Sunday, and ending on Saturday. JULY 27- AUGUST 2

We are trying to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to shop at this sale. You can use the general search to type in Open House Sale. Then, if you are looking for something specific, within that search you can do a second search for the item name such as “shoes” or “doll” or whatever the item may be to see if there is an item of that nature listed for the sale.

Also, as promised, here is the list of sellers participating along with links to the items they currently have listed. And also, below this list are a bunch of pictures of items in the sale. This will just be a sampling because there are going to be tons of items in the sale:

1 15Gnomes
2 5150chief
3 656georgep
4 abargain4you
5 ABigMixedBag
6 adirondackarts
7 Angels_Treasures
8 anightowl
9 annetteandleighs
10 annimae
11 aphrodite
12 ATouchOfClass
13 barbgiftsnthings
14 batgirl25
15 Bev.Bon
16 bev724
17 BeverlyJ
18 bluehanahcottage
19 blueracer
20 brightgems4u
21 burton7949
22 buyer111us
23 buythebucket
24 callmemomo
25 cammyrk
26 candles-n-more
27 CaptDJB2007
28 No Longer Available No Longer Available
29 cheriescollectibles
30 cornerconcepts
31 coveredbridgestore
32 crochenlady
33 cshort0319
34 curiocache
35 custompetandtack
36 cvsmo021
37 dandr
38 davendeb1178
39 dc61toyz*
40 deb36264
41 deborahcagney1963
42 donnas*goodies
43 DraggonTagger
44 Dragonmum2
45 dreamweaversculpts
46 ellengenerous
47 emporium1999
48 fatseal
49 FindersKeepers5280 
50 fleapirates
51 FloMel711
52 For-Gods-Glory
53 Freaks_On_Bikes_Variety_Store
54 gabbylin45
55 gbhouse
56 GhostCampSalvage
57 goldi
58 gourmetgrinds
59 grammykay
60 grand3
61 gretasue2
62 HuntingHarley1999
63 jahjesters
64 jbakercompany
65 jdh410
66 jewelzodonnell
67 JHR56
68 jistincase
69 jj39tj
70 joehug03
71 justforyou
72 kassee2008
73 kiddieklosets
74 kittenstreasurechest
75 LFWoodWorking
76 linda79334
77 LunaTechChick
78 Luvalution
79 MadLoveNY
80 MajikMerlin
81 maryannthipie
82 megs56
83 metzymom
84 michelles_beautique
85 MNAZ419
86 Mr_Toms_Alley
87 MythRoans-Dream-Compass
88 Namcy4
89 neblotti
90 nightwings
91 ohpinminded
92 oldturtleheart
93 pams-marketplace
94 peggyms719
95 poe364
96 ppeggysm
98 Prettythingsandstuff
99 rags2riches4me
100 Ravenswood
101 Ritasrooms
102 rocfeathers
103 rosebudcottage
104 RudysSportingGoods
105 rustic_style
106 Shamrocksnlace
107 shihtzupunk
108 sophia02
109 stubsinc
110 sunflowerranch
111 supergranny
113 tamancam
114 the*Tiki*Shak
115 thejimandlinshow
116 theliebsjk
117 TheRoyalTreasures
118 thetreasureshelf
119 tjintx
120 tomcats-sass
121 tradingwithtrina
122 trishaslittlebitoheaven
123 Uncle_Mikes_Rocket_Shack
124 vermonter53
125 Vickisbarganbarn
126 victorious_rival
127 visionspeaking
128 wheezydog
129 who8dmous
130 WickedRed
131 wynonna194
132 yawningdog
133 yerfiredceramics


 To see what all else is available on OLA, just go to
Thanks and we will see you there!!!







Classic Movies on DVD Now Available at

Do you love older classic? Now find some of your hard to find movies on DVD at I’ve listed over 50 Classic movies; some in black and white, some in color. They range anywhere from the 30’s to a few in the 80’s and 90’s. You will find some Alfred Hitchcock, Robert DeNiro and the like in this list of movies. I have them listed at only $4.99 with free shipping in the US. Just click on my OLA House button over to the right and look under the DVD’s/Movies category for some of your oldtime favorites.

Coming up in a few days, information on the end of July Open House Sale that the sellers are putting together. Well over 100 sellers have joined in on the fun so far!! So stay tuned!!