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WOW!! Just WOW!! More Items From onlineauction.com

A new and very exciting collection of items from sellers on onlineauction.com.


From oldturtleheart:

BonJour French Press 32 oz Coffee Maker

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From abigmixedbag:

Michael Kors Trendy Black Leather Mens Classic Style Belt Sz 40 NWT

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From davendeb1178:

Its a Black Leather Wine Tote Caddy

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From curiocache:

2 not-so-spooky haunted mugs!

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From aesthetics48:

SHURE SR107 2E Audio Equalizer Pro Audio Rackgear USED

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From LFWoodworking:

Elk Resting Solid Oak Hand Scroll Sawn Wall Art Plaque

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From jahjesters:

Carl Brenders – Bradford Exchange Plate – Grounded – WOLVES

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From draggontagger:

Franklin D. Roosevelt Lithograph & Photo Set


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From dizzys_whimsies:

Gary Grigsby’s World at War PC Computer CD-ROM Game NEW NIB

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From bbscorner07:

Mary Kay Timewise skin care moisturizer

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From farmermg:

Ice Fishing 2 Man Ice Shelter- Eastman Outdoors

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From jj39tj:

Handmade Porcelain Clown Doll green white


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And from summerauto:



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From build-a-box:

Fender Stratocaster Blue Paisley Custom Neck, Custom Pickups


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My Very First Mystery Auction at onlineauction.com or anywhere

I don’t usually (actually ever) blog solely about myself and my products. But I decided to change that today. At least for this post. I have often seen in the past how much people like mystery auctions. I have never done one before or even bid on one before on onlineauction.com or anywhere else. However, I decided, what the hay!! It’s time. Mystery Auctions have been banned at the other site, but not on onlineauction.com. They are alive and well. So I decided to do one of my own.  A TOTAL BLING Mystery Auction!!! All new jewelry only!!!

Thanks to ANightOwl kicking it off with the first bid, it is going well. And I am having a blast watching it and deciding what to put in it next. It is currently at 8 items and $50. Not bad in two day, I think. It still has, as of this writing, 8 days to go. I couldn’t decide between a 7 day auction and a 14 day auction, so I went for 10. A nice compromise, wouldn’t you say?

I would love this auction to really take off and let me tell you why. I know….money, profit, whatever!! Sure, I’m no dummy; that’s part of it. But it’s more than that. The encouragement it gives me as a seller to have this go well is beyond description. But what it can do for other sellers who are discouraged by the other place is immeasurable also. Not to mention, the winner gets a really nice box of really nice jewelry to do as they please with. But there is more; what this symbolizes may be even more important. With the other place pulling the plug on these types of auctions and then to see the success of them on a new place could have an astronomical effect on both sellers’ and buyers’ morale!! It just may give both the confidence they need to try it for themselves. Either as a buyer or a seller. I sure hope it works out that way!!!

If you would like to check this auction out for yourself, either to bid or to just watch, please go here: http://www.onlineauction.com/index.php?page=auction:view_item&auction_id=639879

If it’s not your thing, that’s okay too. I thank you for reading this just the same. I hope all who have come here have a wonderful 4th of July, and please try to remember the purpose of the holiday and just for a moment that day, be grateful for the freedom we all have here thanks to the men and women who have given of themselves throughout US history to ensure it for us!!