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And The Beat Goes On at onlineauction.com!! These Sellers Are Great!!!

Another Great Selection of Items from the onlineauction.com sellers:


From aesthetics48:

Used YAMAHA Synthesizer Sampler A3000 Sampling 2MB RAM Expandable Music Audio

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From davendeb1178:

Gourmet Salt Water TAFFY Berrie & Cream

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From yawningdawg:

Majestic Tiger Blanket Throw 60×80 by Biederlack

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From jahjesters:

BEAUTIFUL 14K white gold engagement ring with 3/4 ct princess cut diamond solitaire – size 8

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From supergranny:


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From joriebelle:

Avon vintage TOOFIE TRAIN toothbrushing set NEW MINT!

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From home_notions:

Sterling Silver 8″ Swarovski Rose Crystal Bracelet

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From alg:

Burlington/Colorado & Southern E5s Railscene RRPC N.201


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From ghostcampsalvage:

Coin Dealer Display 20 Dollar Gold American Coin OLD

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From barefoot_syrinx:

Authentic American Girl Kirsten pink birthday dress and apron

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From toomuchstuff:


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From tradingwithtrina:



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And from ktjg7266:

Womens plus size shirt-XL-1X-Worthington Stretch-Blackberry-NEW w/Tags


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The First Live ola-radio Show For onlineauction.com

The first live radio show for onlineauction.com has just ended. And what a wonderful show it was!! Appropriately, Chris Fain was the guest of the evening.  He discussed the current upgrades and some of what is coming up for upgrades such as the Penny Over going to Fixed Price format. He re-emphasized the Founding Membership fee not increasing for life, discussed some of the new search options and more. To hear all of what was discussed, go to http://www.ola-radio.com/ and listen to the iTunes archive. This will not be available until probably sometime tomorrow, so if you can’t find it, check back.

Dave and Sparky were in their own true forms as is the norm. Gotta love those guys!!! They love to play and have fun, but still manage to take care of the business at hand and get the information they are seeking from their guests. Scott Pooler joined in in the chat room and had his own questions for Chris, which were also promptly answered. Scott always knows what to ask and how to ask it. YAY Scott!!! According to Dave and Sparky, there were over 220 live listeners, which is certainly not a bad number for a debut internet show. There were maybe 15 or so users (including moi) on the live chats to ask questions, make comments and chit chat. It was both informative and a lot of fun. Hope to see even more next week and the week after that and…..

If you would care to check out the “new” OLA, please come on over to www.onlineauction.com and take a look-see. If you would like to join next week’s ola-radio show (Thursday evening 9E, 8C, 7M and 6P times), just come on over here: http://www.ola-radio.com/ at the appropriate time in your time zone. We’d love to see you there.

And so it begins at onlineauction.com

Well, here we go!! The upgrades have started at onlineauction.com and they are shaping up to be wonderful!!! First, I must give KUDOS to OLA and its staff for being able to make this switch over without the site going down for even one minute. Next, I would like to list SOME of what we are seeing for changes. To do this, I asked my fellow sellers to list some of what they’ve seen as both sellers and buyers:

From kittenstreasurechest – www.onlineauction.com/store/kittenstreasurechest

As a Seller:

Fast and easy to list
Appearance of listing page vastly improved
pictures and shipping costs at the top of the listing
One page listing
Sellers Log
Scheduled listing
Fixed price for Google Search
Well organized seller hub, easier navigation

As a Buyer:
Clean browsing pages
pictures are uniform and pages are orderly
improved search function
Double click on top picture in listing to see larger photo
photos and shipping costs right at the top of the page
Ask a question function, never have to leave the listing page


From bluehanahcottage – www.onlineauction.com/store/bluehanahcottage

To add to kittens’ FABULOUS list, here are a few more!

For buyers:
* Searches are FAST!
* You can set the number of items you view, as well as the size of the images you view.

For sellers:
*The Relist button lets us speed thru the listing of similar items.
*We have a WIDER space for our listings — makes the text look great!
*The dropdown menus make it SUPER EASY to check on o-mail and auctions.
*We look forward to the completion of the categories overhaul — the finished categories will be amazing.
*We have learned AGAIN that OLA loves us by the remarkably smooth installation of the upgrade. OLA did not just pull the tablecloth out from under 14,000,000 dishes — they also replaced it! All this with scarcely a broken teacup!
*And we thank OLA for continuing to provide excellent technical assistance at this extremely busy juncture.


From MetzyMom – www.onlineauction.com/store/metzymom

Mine may be kinda weird ones… but here goes:

I LOVE that, as a buyer AND a seller, that I can get to my 0mail without changing pages.

I LOVE that, as a chattie, that I don’t have to keep signing in and out or open a bunch of windows.

I LOVE that, as a member, I was able to get answers quickly and efficiently as things came up.

I didn’t want to repeat what those above me had posted, so I didn’t add ALL those things that I LOVE too!!!


From cammyrk – www.onlineauction.com/store/cammyrk

Wow and have you noticed how fast you can bookmark a page and go on?


From aesthetics48 – www.onlineauction.com/store/aesthetics48

I love that little feature that lets you change the size of the thumbnail views on the auction lists!


Now, I really don’t have a lot to add to this list. Actually, nothing at all, except that when you click on a picture within a listing, something wonderful happens, but you will have to check it out for yourself. I think these people pretty much covered it. LOL Now, you may be wondering why I only got a few members’ responses. Well, it’s like this: EVERYONE IS REALLY BUSY GETTING READY FOR THE SALE THAT STARTS IN JUST TWO HOURS!!! To see more of what that is all about, please read my last posting below.  And if you just want to check out the upgrades and progress of same, please go to www.onlineauction.com and take a look-see. 😉